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Windshield Repair

While our primary service is Paintless dent removal, we also repair windshield chips and cracks on a limited basis and only with a qualifying dent repair.

Key Benefits

  1. Convenience!..............Windshields repaired same day as dents.
  2. Saves Windshield!....Stops cracks and chips from spreading.
  3. Saves Money!..............Average repair cost $50.00.


We can repair most minor windshield chips and cracks. A proper windshield repair is essentially bonding the glass back together and filling voids with glass resins.

This should prevent the damage from spreading and also lessen the appearance of the damage. In most cases the damage is much less noticeable, but rarely is it completely invisible.


Chips and cracks are subject to spreading and/or contamination. Therefore, we recommend having these repaired as soon as possible to prevent contaminants from entering the chip or crack and/or spreading of the damage.
A repair is usually preferable to replacing the windshield, but if the damage is too large or in the line of sight then replacement may be the best option.

For glass repairs only, and/or replacement, and great service,
please contact Master Glass.

Master Glass ..... 800.243.5690


The Ding Doctor can repair everything from door dings and small dents to minor fender benders-as long as the paint has not been cracked and the metal is not creased or crimped. It’s called Paintless Dent Removal, and no one does it better than us.

The Ding Doctor has been exceeding customers' expectations in San Diego since 1998 and we have been perfecting the dent removal process since 1985. The Ding Doctor is locally owned and operated family business.

No other company in our field offers our level of experience and commitment to customer satisfaction.

Give us a call, you'll be glad you did.  I guarantee it!
Michael Bates    mike@dingdoctor.net

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