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Consumer Alert!

BEWARE OF STRANGERS who seem to "pop up" from nowhere offering to help!

It has come to our attention that there are some very unscrupulous individuals out there. We have heard some horror stories from people who were in need, but were duped with shoddy repairs and disconnected or phantom phone numbers.

I suggest that you always call the company in question to verify services, insurance, licenses, etc.

While we are happy to help anyone in need, it is not our policy to solicit business directly. All of our technicians have uniforms, marked vehicles and identification as well as the proper training, insurance and years of experience.

For your protection, peace of mind and complete satisfaction, our technicians also have the backing of a solid San Diego company built on years of excellent customer service.

Please contact our office if anyone claiming to be a Ding Doctor employee approaches you without the proper identification. We are happy to present our CA Drivers Licenses when asked. 

Remember the old saying. "Buyer Beware"

If you do take a chance with one of these guys, I suggest that you would want to see the results before paying. Ever hear this line? "Just take it to a car wash after a few days to have it ( the pink stuff, sometimes gray) removed".

Most people discover that what is under the pink or gray stuff is not what they expected to see. We have heard this before, from some unhappy customers of the guys who seem to pop up from nowhere with a special deal.

These guys usually travel in an unmarked vehicle or with a magnetic sign that reads "Mobile Body Shop" or something like this. They usually just cover up the damage with putty or primer, but sometimes they poke holes in the dented panel and putty over the area. This will then make this area non repairable with paintless dent removal methods and will likely increase the amount a body shop would charge for the correct repair.

If you are the victim of a scam like this, please contact us or the San Diego Police Dept (619) 531-2000; ask for the Consumer Fraud Division. Useful information would include a description of the individual and his vehicle licenses plate number, date, time and location of the incident.

This information has been posted at the request of an unfortunate "pink stuff" victim.


The Ding Doctor can repair everything from door dings and small dents to minor fender benders-as long as the paint has not been cracked and the metal is not creased or crimped. It’s called Paintless Dent Removal, and no one does it better than us.

The Ding Doctor has been exceeding customers' expectations in San Diego since 1998 and we have been perfecting the dent removal process since 1985. The Ding Doctor is locally owned and operated family business.

No other company in our field offers our level of experience and commitment to customer satisfaction.

Give us a call, you'll be glad you did.  I guarantee it!
Michael Bates    mike@dingdoctor.net

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